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“60 Years – The story of a parking company” :
Interparking celebrates his 60 years with a book

Founded with the creation of Parking 58 in the context of the World Fair in 1958, Interparking has become in a few decades one of the leaders in the parking industry, active in nine different countries of the European continent. To mark this anniversary, we decided to publish a book, retracing the history of parking over the ages and its evolution during our 60 years of existence. The rise of Interparking has been possible thanks to the company philosophy established by its founder, Claude De Clercq, since the beginning. Having quickly understood the growing influence of the automobile on social life and urban planning, he developed Interparking around multidisciplinary teams that can offer a wide range of expertise in various fields such as architecture, urban planning, customer experience and data processing.

Soon available in bookstores, the anniversary book has more than 300 pages. Written in seven languages and richly illustrated, it reviews about thirty of the most iconic car parks built during the last 60 years and in the 9 countries where Interparking is present

Where does the word “parking” come from? Any idea?

The word parking is a quite strange term, used in almost all languages except that which is supposedly its language of origin. In English, one says rather, “car park”, or else one uses the French word, “garage”. The term is linked to the expansion of road transportation for passengers and goods. What was the ancestor of the car park? As far back as one can go, it was the caravanserai, which originated in the Orient, probably around the 9th century, but the first ones were undoubtedly created 2,500 years ago. These were simply places where merchants and travellers stopped to take shelter from the capricious weather and undesirable visitors, which explains why some caravanserais were fortified.

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